Wolfgang for beast and man

We have always been looking for things that stand out. Since the moment we got our first French bulldog we knew that she is a gonna be special and we want to give her everything. We were always ordering and trying new harnesses, collars and leashes. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of AMAZING companies out there with outstanding products. 

The same as most people we are interested in four things – quality, cost efficiency, style, and handiness. If all of these criteria are met then that has to be a good product. 

Okay, I will let you in on a secret, honestly, I only care about the looks. On the other hand, my girlfriend needs all four things. Just don’t tell her I said that. 

Along the journey we stumbled across a company called Wolfgang. They created the brand to celebrate the unique relationship between a dog and his people. Offering American-made leashes and collars for pups using only the finest American leathers and textiles, plus a distinctive collection of wallets, belts, and t-shirts. Now you probably understand why I mentioned in the title “Wolfgang for beast and man”. 

Long story short we checked reviews and customers were satisfied so we decided to give it a shot and ordered bundle package “FurTrader” Bundle.

Dog collars

Honestly they have one of the coolest looking collars ever. If somebody would ask me to describe a stylish collar in 2020 then I would definitely say – Wolfgang. I will try to be transparent as much as possible as I hate when people are not saying things for what they really are.

At the moment they are offering 53 dog collars. All of them have a decent amount of reviews which you can easily see and check what other people actually think about them. This is actually a nice thing as they are confident in their product so they are not hiding anything and simply redirecting you to them.

Additionally to regular collars they offer “martingale” ones as well. This is actually what we ordered and we loved it.

All rights reserved to Wolfgang

Martingale collars are great for maintaining control of and training your beast. The cinching action of the martingale can also help to prevent your pup from backing out of the collar during walks. The cinch is quick to engage and release for simple and effective commands and corrections.

What I really loved that they have A LIFETIME WARRANTY. This is actually one thing that caught my eye straight away and made me think that there is no way these products would be bad if they have it.

Personally, I love that the material is stretchy and at the same time strong. Well my Frenchie is only around 27 pounds so she is not a war machine but she is not one of the most obedient dogs either so she is pulling me all the time. Even with that the collar is doing a wonderful job.

Leashes and harnesses

Another great thing is that they are offering the same print-series through all the products. Meaning that if you decide to buy a collar they have a matching leash, if you decide on harness then the same thing. It might be a small thing but trust me, you will be happy later on.

All rights reserved to Wolfgang

Regarding leashes they have 2 sizes:

1 – inch width and 6 foot in length

5/8 – inch width and 4 foot in length

All rights reserved to Wolfgang

Also the same as for collars lifetime warranty as for each their products.

Nevertheless, they offer bandanas, charms, bowls, gift cards, and more. They only thing that I haven’t tried is men’s apparel. Planning to order it soon and will let you know how it was. For more info why don’t you check out their page, you will love it.


Stay safe my friends and talk with you soon,

Mike from Precious Doggo