What To Do If Your Dog Has An Upset Stomach?

Every now and then our dog eats something that upsets her stomach. French bulldogs are considered to be a very allergic breed with a sensitive tummy. When we got Vivi I prepared myself that she might have some kind of health issues, as’s expected from this breed.

As she got older nothing indicated regarding some illnesses. The only thing she had was a “cherry eye” for each eye. Of course, I was scared at the beginning, but I understood that it’s treatable. The story of her cherry eye I’ll tell You another time.

Nothing else came up, so I was relieved. After a couple of years, she started to have some kind of issues with her stomach. From the day we took her in we have given her only the best dog food for sensitive dogs, because we didn’t want to take any risks due to her breed.

As there’s a saying “we are what we eat”, I would like to think that I give my dog the best that she can get to be healthy and strong. Dog’s stomach isn’t that much different from human in a way that we all have something that we can or cannot eat.

When we got her as a puppy, the first thing was to have good food, so we wouldn’t have issues with her stomach. We didn’t try a lot of dog food brands, because we went straight to the best ones. I’ve worked as a vet assistant and helped in a vet pharmacy, so I know the best available stuff for dogs.

We started with one brand which was great and suited her, but I wanted to switch to something more nutritious. My friend works with a brand that comes from Germany and it has very high-quality food for dogs and cats, so it was perfect for us. The brand is MERADOG  and we highly recommend it to everyone.

Vivi is now eating MERADOG for almost 3 years and she haven’t had any health issues, and we hope it will stay that way.

How did I know my dog had an upset stomach?

I know that a lot of dog owners are struggling with their dog’s stomachs. I know it’s hard to find something that fits your dog, but you just have to understand the breed and you have to keep looking for the right food. There’s a lot of options from which you can choose.

So how did Vivi got an upset stomach?

We ran out of her usual kibbles. As we weren’t able to get the usual ones I got her different ones with the same main ingredients that she could eat just for a few days. I should have known that this would not end well.

At first, every dog owner should know that you can’t just give your dog different kibbles instead of the ones he is used to. You just have to make the switch slowly. How? Just mix the old kibbles with the new ones for a few days and then gradually you can replace the old kibbles with the new ones. This is a common mistake every owner makes, after that, you just have to know what you have done and work with the consequences.

But that wasn’t the case for Vivi.

At first she was fine, then her stomach started to make more gases than usual. That’s the first sign for dogs that something is off.

Later on, when she ate the new kibbles for a couple of days, she started to wake up during the nights because she was hungry and we caught her licking the floor. After a few days, she started vomiting…

I knew her stomach hurt and it all happened so quickly. In the end, she didn’t even want to eat anything.

She has never had serious problems with her tummy, especially when changing food, but now it happened. We’re back to our regular kibbles, but we needed a few days to get her stomach back in shape.

You can never know what might cause a reaction like this, but you have to be aware of the things you give to your four-legged friends and what they have access to.

I have worked with dogs who have had an upset stomach and I know what to do in those situations and how to treat them. That’s why I didn’t really stress out about it, but still, I was upset, because it was my fault and that’s my fur baby.

Image by ykaiavu from Pixabay

Would you know what to do?

Here are the most common symptoms that indicate that dog has an upset stomach:

  • increased gases;
  • stomach noises;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea; 
  • licking floor, carpets, other surfaces;
  • loss of appetite;
  • restlessness.

If I hadn’t told you all of this, what would you think? Would you think she ate something bad?

Even though I told someone about all of this the first thing they would ask if she ate something bad. No. It’s kibbles. Different kibbles, but with the same ingredients she’s used to having.

As an owner, you need to know what you’ve done differently. When I worked at the clinic there were a lot of owners who came back with their pets having the same problem over and over again.

We are the ones responsible for what they eat. Be aware of it.

Remember that access to toxic plants can be lethal as well.

How to cure your dog’s upset stomach?

If the dog has sudden abdominal pain or if the size has changed you have to go to the vet clinic immediately. If you’re not sure what to do, contact your veterinary clinic. They will be more than happy to help you.

  • You have to be sure if he hasn’t swallowed something. If you’re sure he’s swallowed something life-threatening, you have to cause vomiting;
  • Be sure he’s hydrated. Don’t force him to drink, but be sure he drinks water. If your dog is dealing  with serious stomach issues, don’t forget that he also needs electrolytes and vitamins to retain fluids;
  • It’s good to fasten. If there’s something they want to get out then 12-24h without eating can’t harm them, it would only help them to get rid of the pain and discomfort;
  • If they refuse to eat, try something tastier than they’re used to having. Sometimes one small piece can stimulate the stomach and intestinal function;
  • Try giving canned food. It contains more water than dry food which can also help for hydration;
Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

How to help prevent upset stomach for dogs?

Always keep an eye on what they eat. Dogs are like kids, you need to look after them. They usually eat stuff they’re not suppose to.

Beware of plants, dogs love to eat grass and a green plant is no different for them. As I mentioned before, some plants are toxic to animals and can even cause death.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach you can try using probiotics.

The main thing is to find food that suits your dog and stick with it. Try different things for him till you find ingredients or kibbles that are working for you both.

Thank you friend for reading and sticking until the end <3

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