Every company has its own story. There is a saying that everything happens for a reason and I was truly moved by “TruDog”. Now you will have a question of why I was truly moved by them. I will give a brief summary before we get to the product review.

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Lori R. Taylor is the founder of TruDog after she lived every pet parent’s worst nightmare. Her precious fur baby, Truman, was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age.

She watched, helpless, as her once vibrant pup grew sicker as the days passed. It was pure torture.

After Truman passed away, she felt so guilty. What did she do wrong? What could she have done differently to save his life? She wanted to know what went wrong, she NEEDED to know. And so started a journey that would change countless lives around the world.

You see, what she found was that the food she was putting in Truman’s bowl looked healthy. The packaging had nice pictures of meats and vegetables… but it wasn’t the diet Mother Nature intended for dogs to eat. It was all highly processed, cooked at high temperatures, and made from scraps deemed not fit for consumption by people.

She was determined to do it better for her other dogs from then on. But she was frustrated by the lack of healthy options available on the market. That’s why she created TruDog, named in honor of Truman. TruDog provides healthy, wholesome foods, treats, supplements, and grooming supplies for dogs- products you can trust.

All rights reserved to TruDog

Products and offers

As you know french bulldogs are quite allergic so we are extra careful what we are feeding her with. First I checked the reviews and was surprised that their products have so many reviews. Let’s say “Treat Me Beef Liver Treats” had by the time of this blog 3683 reviews. Honestly, I was shocked and there were other products like that as well.

All of their products are natural and nutrition-rich to make your doggos walking powerhouses. To give a brief insight they have 4 categories:

  • Food and toppers
  • Treats and chews
  • Supplements
  • Dental care

Personally we tried The Ultimate Real Meat Treat Me Package. Honestly, it’s hard to tell if she enjoyed it or not because she ate it so fast that it got me wondering if my dog actually has taste buds. As you know she is never listening to me but when I have something from “Treat Me” she suddenly listens.

In the worst case if she wouldn’t like it then TruDog is offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. In case you don’t like something then simply call them or email and they will refund the money. Whenever you see that someone is offering a refund in case you don’t like the product after trying it then it’s already a good sign that the company is confident in their products.

The next product we really want to try is “Spray Me Natural Dental”. We already touched the dental topic in our separate blog but in case you missed it you can easily check it out at https://preciousdoggo.com/dog-teeth-problems/.

Straight away I can see that they have 1050 reviews. I went through them and there is no way that many people would lie or someone would go through all the trouble to make fake reviews. Obviously, after trying their products I truly trust them but even if you are new to this brand this should give you confidence that their products are top quality and made of top-notch ingredients.

Another cool thing that I have not seen by other brands is the explanation and information amount. They are super transparent about almost everything. For example, how the products are made. They are not doing “copy/paste” for each product. Actually they are using different visuals, each information source is different and gives full insight if this product is good or not for a specific dog breed.

What really caught my eye is that they actually care. I know it might sound cheesy and look like I’m rooting for them but I doubt many companies would be going that far, for example:

Of course, we all want to know the prices. Don’t worry that’s actually the first thing I checked myself. Honestly, I thought the products would be more expensive. Of course if you decide to buy bundle deals then it might be steep and go around $80+ even with the discount.

One thing I have noticed that they are actively making promotions, offering discounts to subscribers, offering a 15% discount on shipping for the first purchase, special holiday offers, TruDeals and TruDog love club.

I love it when companies are offering something interesting and unique. TruDog love club is a simple membership account that you can create for free. As any business they want you to come back so they are offering that for every $1 you have spent they will reward with points. Afterward you can redeem any of the products using these points and get them for free. Also, they have specific activities which can earn you points as well:

Lastly they have special promo codes which are available until end of the 2020:

STOCKUP10 – $10 discount if the purchase amount exceeds $75
WELCOME10 – $10 off from the first order if the purchase amount exceeds $50
AFFILIATE5 – 5% off from your purchase

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