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Puppy House Training in 5 Days: 5 Absolutely Easy Dog Training Tips

Puppy House Training in 5 Days

Everyone wants to be done with their puppy house training in 5 days.

But it’s not that simple as it seems.

You have to make an effort to teach your puppy how to do things and where to do them. You need to pay close attention to him and show him how to be a dog.

It usually takes more than a week to fully teach a puppy proper house manners, but you will be on the right track with your training with these tips. So here are Tips For Faster Puppy Training.

puppy house training

1. Have a schedule for proper puppy house training

If you have a schedule planned out before the puppy comes to his new home, you already know what to do.

You will get used to the new schedule in no time and so will the puppy.

With the schedule, your puppy will learn pretty quickly that there is some sort of boundaries in his life and he will have to learn them to be a member of his new pack.

Having a schedule also helps with the puppy’s mindset. He learns sooner or later that he has to follow the owner and his freedom comes from him.

This helps to avoid unnecessary demolition, unwanted behavior development, and anger issues.

When the dog has a clear idea of what he is supposed to do as a dog, you will avoid unnecessary situations.

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2. Take your puppy out of the house every time he wakes up

Taking your puppy out as soon as he wakes up from a nap can help you to avoid him peeing in the house.

Little puppies usually have a smaller bladder than older dogs, so when the puppy wakes up he immediately will want to pee.

And if you catch the puppy waking up and immediately run out of the house with him, he will learn quickly that that’s the place he has to do his business.

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Adorable French Bulldog Puppy relaxing on a sunny day training his house maners

3. Limit his space

Dogs don’t like to do their business in the same place where they live and sleep, the mummy of the puppy plays a big role in this.

In the first week, they are born, the dog mummy takes care of the potty business and cleans after them if they have an accident.

In the upcoming weeks, she is pushing their puppies out of the bed when they have to go.

female dog of golden retriever with puppies - puppy house training

So when your puppy comes to your house, don’t let them run around the house. They will definitely pee and poop everywhere they can. Make them a small sleeping area like a crate and baby gates to show the boundaries. (crate train your puppy)

Puppy most likely won’t pee in the area where he sleeps, so make it as small as you can, but be sure to bring him outside every hour or half-hour to do the business.

And when house training your puppy, don’t forget about the playtime.

When they get used to their small area you can expand it little by little.

You have to teach your dog that your house is also their house for your puppy potty training to go smoothly.

So understanding the difference between a house and outside can teach them to respect your house as their own living space.

But before they can understand that you need to give your puppy time to get acquainted with the place.

4. Crate train your puppy

As I said before, showing your dog his boundaries can help you to get quicker results with your puppy house training.

When your puppy learns that the crate is a good and safe place for him to sleep you get not only a great tool for potty training but also a more relaxed and calm puppy.

(Crate train your puppy)

NOTE: dog crate is not a place where you can leave your dog for a whole day. And it’s surely is not a dog sitter.

Let your puppy get used to the crate, create a positive association with it, let him feel safe while you’re near and when you’re not.

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dog crate

5. Use real grass or bark as a puppy pad

Using cotton puppy pads for your dog as “inside toilet” can make your puppy house training a lot longer.

At first, puppies learn by touching the surface. They remember the soft cotton pad they peed on and then continue to look for the cotton they are used to peeing on.

doggie lawn

That’s why your carpet, bed, and sofa are the best potty they can think of. Puppies think that they are doing a great job by peeing on your rug because it reminds them of the cotton pad.

So don’t use a regular puppy pad or don’t use them too much and too long. That’s why we discovered the Doggie Lawn and Bark Potty.

They are two amazing puppy pads that are made of real outdoor materials. Doggie Lawn uses real grass and Bark Potty uses real bark for their products.

They are environment-friendly and natural.

Ideal for puppy house training.

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Bark Potty review

doggie Lawn

It is a potty pad that consists of formulated hydroponic grass that doesn’t contain soil.

Meaning – it’s “soil-less”.

You will not find dirt or mess around your apartment or house like from regular sold sod at any home depo. This allows you to have the easiest cleanup ever. 

Unlike the regular plastic potty pads, DoggieLawn is environment-friendly and natural. So the grass is top quality and your doggo will definitely love it.

Bark potty

Every Bark Potty is made from the same materials that are found at dog parks. The natural odors from the real bark are what make dogs want to “go”.

You can check out this video to see how it works with other dogs.

The micro-thin mesh netting keeps the tray in place and prevents it from leaking, and the proprietary bark neutralizes bad odors.

I was pretty amazed that one Bark Potty can replace up to sixty regular pee pads.

It’s eco-friendly.

They have a small lift so your dog will know when he is on it. It will help him not to miss while doing his “business”. This happens a lot with regular potty pads – they leak everywhere.

In conclusion

Potty training a puppy consists of 3 pillars:

  • Consistency;
  • Patience;
  • Positive reinforcement.

Putting them together with these 5 tips can make your puppy house training a lot quicker.

Be sure you avoid accidents from happening and try to guide your puppy in the right direction so he can master the potty training at his best.

Keep an eye on your puppy and be there for him when he needs you, keep up with the schedule, and your puppy will pee and poop outside in no time.

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