Is your family ready for a dog?

Who wouldn’t want a little four-legged friend at their home to cuddle and play with? But have you considered all the things and responsibilities you’re going to have from the moment you have the dog?

Do you have the time?

Adopting a dog is a responsible decision that must be considered carefully. Every dog needs its daily exercise. Even dogs living in a private house needs regular walks and attention from their owner. It is always important to understand how much time the owner is willing to spend with the dog.

Do you have time to walk the dog at least two or three times a day? Do you have time to play with him? How about training him?

Even a dog as active as a husky can live in an apartment, but then you have to take into consideration that such a dog needs a lot of attention from his owner.

No matter where you live either it’s a private house or an apartment, you must spend at least 3 hours as a minimum per day to walk and play with him and on the weekends you must take him for longer hikes. For example, Husky is a great choice if you’re an active family and would love to spend even more time outside. But regardless of where you live the dog must be provided with a sufficient number of activities.

Children and dogs

It’s important to know the size of the breed if you want your children to play with the dog and to grow up together. Don’t forget that a young puppy is also a child. They might get too excited while playing and could by accident knock down the children. Also, we need to think about how active the children are themselves.

The puppy is unaware of its size and may unintentionally hurt the little person. In such a situation, it is worth considering whether it would be better to take an adult dog from a shelter. In this case, an adult dog would keep his distance from the child and wouldn’t want to play as much as a puppy would.

For example, Labradors. Genetically they do not show aggression, they tend to interact with humans. Labradors are a good choice for families with children. But when they’re young they love to play. There is a chance he might puppy bite or knock someone down.

Taking a dog from a shelter is similar to taking a dog from a breeder – it is important to find out the dog’s character from the shelter workers and previous living conditions if possible.  There’s also a big possibility to find fantastic dogs from shelters that loves children very much.

If the family does not want to adopt an adult or a large breed dog, then you can look at smaller dog breeds. But keep in mind that often smaller breeds get more injured while playing with the kids. A lot of small breeds are more active and energetic than the largest breed dogs.

Super active dogs tend to be more louder. If there’s a baby in the house, you need to consider whether the baby will be able to sleep.

Image by mollyroselee from Pixabay

Are your children old enough to handle the responsibility?

Of course, it’s cool to have a dog at home for your kids. They often learn to take care of things by doing their home chores and also learn to have some kind of responsibility, but don’t forget that a child will never be a dog’s authority and a puppy is also just a kid. 

Dogs have sharp teeth especially when they’re little. Puppies usually are using their teeth while playing. Children are very enthusiastic while playing, so they wouldn’t notice if they have done something wrong so you should never leave two children unattended.

Adopting a dog for your kid while he is a teenager might be a tricky situation. First of all, we must understand whether the child will take care of the animal or not. It is also worth remembering that a few years later he will have other interests and the dog will remain with parents and not with the child.

Have you done your research on the dog breeds?

It is important to do your research which dog breed will be the most appropriate for your family before even adopting a dog.

There is no such thing as an ideal dog breed. Many dog breeds are already born with specific traits. There are dogs that can be even more active than others, but what is more important is that the owner himself can influence the character of his dog.

Before buying a new puppy, it is important to know the characteristics of the breed, then you need to do your research on breeders, and get to know the pedigree of the dog. If you’re done all of it, you’ve done your job right. Not doing these important steps may lead to supporting unqualified breeders that lead to various unnecessary diseases and in some cases even for dogs to become homeless as he is left alone.

If you have decided to buy a dog from the breeder instead of adopting a dog from the shelter, then these dogs must have documents indicating that they belong in a specific club. It doesn’t matter if the dog is adopted or not as you need to plan your time to raise the puppy. The first months of the puppy’s life are very important, regardless of their breed.

Anyways, you should not be looking at the breed by its appearance, you should know the breed by its nature. That’s why it is very important to explore the breed before adopting it. Mainly, the dog’s character is formed by the owner of how active, calm and responsible the dog will be.

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Do you know how much it costs to own a dog?

Before adopting a dog, it is important to know that you also have to take care of the dog – they must be washed once in a while, groomed, they have to go to the vet at least once a year for their yearly vaccinations and to have their annual checkups. Don’t forget about the flea and tick medication, microchipping, and so on. Also, they have to be trained. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average cost of a dog over its lifetime can range anywhere from $12,000 to $23,000.

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