Must have things for your dog during the winter

Winter is almost here with new fashion trends and things for your pet. As we all know it gets colder and darker, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have to take our or dogs out for a walk, right?

1. Make sure others can see your dog

The most important thing is to make sure that our dog is visible to others during the day and night time. If you can’t see your dog when it’s dark outside, how will others see him?

There are few ways how to make that happen:

2. Christmas here we come!

If you are a classy girl like me you would want your dog to look cute. And what better way to achieve that is than having your dog a winter style look. Here are some ideas we love with winter and Christmas vibes all over them.



Bandanas and Scarfs:

3. Escape from the cold

Many dogs do not need warms clothes but there are a few breeds that would need them. Of course, you wouldn’t put a warm sweater on an Alaskan Malamute or a Samoyed, but some breeds like Chinese Crested or an Argentine Pila might appreciate a warm jacket, coat, or sweater.

Image by ClaudiaWollesen from Pixabay

4. Make it rain

What could be useful for dogs while it’s raining?  Yup, a raincoat! If your dog has long fur it often gets wet and dirty at this time of the year. As it’s not healthy to wash your dog every day, a raincoat can help to reduce the chance for a dog to get dirty.

5. Keep their paws warm and clean

As well as raincoats, dog boots can protect your dog’s paws from getting wet and dirty. It saves time and resources because you don’t have to wash them every time you come back from a walk.

Boots also protect the dog’s paws in general. It’s a great way how to protect the paws from the salt and chemicals that are used on sidewalks and streets in winter. Also if there’s a really big cold outside it protects the paws from the frost.

6. Essentials depending on the weather

Few things I didn’t know I needed, but I really do need them now. Whenever the weather is muddy and wet I’m always grateful that I think one step ahead. Here are some things I appreciate: 

Image by ClaudiaWollesen from Pixabay

7. Fresh paws and tails

Also if you have to wash your dog more than necessary it’s important to have a shampoo that’s not too harsh for the dog’s skin.

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8. Washable dog bed

It’s not that critical, but if your dog gets wet pretty often it can get kind of dirty.

Hope these ones were interesting to You. Talk to You soon.