Martingale collars for dogs

There are many dog collars to choose from. You can have a collar that looks good or that tracks your dog’s location like GPS dog collars, you can also have a dog health-tracking collar, different kinds of training collars, and so on.

It’s a tough decision to make and even more difficult if you have a dog for the first time.

Martingale dog collar is one of the many dog training collars. This collar is widely available anywhere in the world. There are many opinions about these types of dog collars, but everything that is used properly cannot harm Your dog.

These dog collars have gained their popularity thanks to the fact that they keep dog’s safe the by the leash without choking them.

What is a MARTINGALE dog collar?

It’s a dog collar, which was originally made for sighthounds because their neck is slightly bigger than their head. It was a real struggle for their owners to keep their regular dog collars on and to avoid slipping out of the buckle collars.

Nowadays these collars are used for training and it provides more control of the dog without the choking effect. It’s training and a safety collar. When the dog is pulling on a leash or having anxiety while attached to it, this collar prevents the dog from slipping out of its collar and running away. 

They consist of two loops – one is around the neck and the second one connects the bigger loop together. They’re usually made of nylon or cotton, so it does not cut into the neck like a choke chain or slip collars.

How does it work?

When the collar is loose, it has a comfortable space between the neck and the collar. When the dog is pulling on the leash, the collar gets tighter. If the leash is pulled the small loop tightens the big loop.

How to properly choose and fit a Martingale Collar for your dog?

  • Like for every dog collar, you need to measure your dog’s neck just behind the ears under the skull;
  • The measurements you made fits the bigger loop of the collar without the small loop, just as it’s shown in this picture;
  • When trying on the Martingale collar on your dog for the first time, try to pull the smaller loop so you can see how far does it go;
  • According to UK collar maker Doggy Boho a well-fitted martingale collar will have approximately two-finger width’s distance between the two sides to ensure appropriate tightening when pulled;
  • When the leash will be loose so will be the collar;
  • REMEMBER: every dog collar has to have a tow finger gap between the collar and the dog’s neck.

Here is a video tutorial.

What is a Check Collar or Half Check Collar?

This collar is a combination of a martingale collar and a metal choker. The bigger half of the collar, which is around the neck, is made of fabric, and the smaller half is a chain.

Some trainers prefer this kind of collar for their dogs because the chain makes the collar work better. Also, the choke action is accompanied by the sound of the chain, which often aids in getting the dog’s attention.

What is the difference between the Martingale Dog Collar and the Choke Collar?

Choke collars are made mainly for behavioral adjustments in dogs. When the dog pulls on the lead, the choke collar causes minor discomfort to get the dog’s attention off whatever he’s into at that moment.

But you have to be very careful with these kind of tools. When using it wrong it can cause a various injuries.

Martingale collar, on the other hand, do not choke your dog, when it’s properly fitted. It gets tighten when the leash is tense, but it doesn’t have a possibility of injuries.

These collars are constructed in a way that they can’t get any tighter to a certain degree. It’s a great alternative to a choke collar or if you have a dog with a small head, this collar should fit him perfectly.