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Puppy Training: How To Teach An Excited Dog Who’s Alpha

teach your dog who is alpha

I know that becoming an alpha in your household can be difficult. It’s not something that is super simple and it does take a lot of patience and practice to teach your dog who is alpha.

Do you want to be an effective communicator and a great leader to your dog?

Dogs learn more through physical things.

Make sure you implement all of these things in your day-to-day life with your puppy.

Once your dog knows that you can pull it off you are going to be the alpha and your dog will trust you to do anything.

puppy listening carefully in the countryside

1. Control your dog’s indoor space

Control where they can go.

You can use baby gates, leashes, crates, and so on.

When you and your puppy are ready, you can start with bigger spaces and more freedom. For example, keeping your puppy in the same room to run freely around.

This will teach your dog who is alpha and that you are in charge of the space and the things he can and cannot do.

When you feel comfortable giving your puppy the freedom, then you can allow him to explore bigger spaces without your constant supervision.

At that point, your puppy should know where is the potty and how to ask to go outside to do the business.

Here are 3 things that can help you potty train your dog.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Of 7 Weeks Old

2. Control your dog’s outdoor space

Again.. control where they can go and how far they can go.

At first, you probably won’t let your puppy run around freely, because there is a chance they might take off.

Keep your puppy on a leash and train his recall. Once you have taught your puppy his name and he knows what recall is, you can let your dog on a longer leash.

Puppy dog on a leash. Dog walking on a leash

When you let your dog have a little bit of freedom you can let go of the leash and he will drag it with him.

If you master the perfect obedience outside, you’re probably already an alpha to your dog.

3. Very gently grab your dog’s muzzle for a few seconds

You can teach your dog who’s alpha while petting your dog.

It’s not that difficult and harsh as it sounds.

teching dog who is alpha

It doesn’t need to be aggressive and hard. Just pet your dog’s head and cover his muzzle with your hand from time to time.

Don’t cover their nose holes and mouth completely.

This is how you can communicate with your dog that you’re the alpha in this situation, which means that he is beneath you and he has to obey.

In other words – I am the boss.

Do it from time to time and see how your dog reacts.

He will let you do that, but if you have some trouble, don’t worry. Just do it gradually.

You don’t have to do this all day long, it will be enough if you practice it few times a day, few times a week.

Here you can check out what the muzzle grab means for a dog.

4. Very gently grab your dog’s back hip muscles for a few seconds

teach your puppy who is alpha

Start with petting your dog’s hip, back, or butt.

Then gently slide your hand to the place where his hip meets his back.

You don’t need to touch there a lot. Just grab it a few times, just don’t squeeze it too hard, as it’s a very sensitive spot.

Your dog might not like it, that’s why do it gently and gradually. See how your dog reacts.

teach your puppy whoes alpha

This shows them – I’m taking control of you.

It’s like searching for your dog’s pulse on the back leg, but instead of putting the hand inside the leg you just put the hand on the leg as close to the back as possible – cup the hip muscle.

Not only this helps to teach your dog who’s the ALPHA but also helps you to build trust between you and your dog.

5. Use a low voice and a high voice when communicating with your dog

When you need to get your dog’s attention when he’s doing something you don’t want him to do, use a low voice.

This lets you control the situation.

It gets your dog’s attention immediately.

The low voice is not to scare them or let them know that they going to get hurt. It’s not the point.

You don’t have to scream at your dog to get attention. So the low voice is something that takes your dog’s attention and puts focus on you.

Use your high voice when your dog is doing something good.

This tone makes them happy and excited.

Adorable Maltese Puppy Playing In The Yard.

6. Stand up straight and stay elevated over your dog

Standing up straight is very important.

A lot of the owners these days like to slouch over and bend down to get on their dog’s level.

Don’t do that!

Don’t get on your dog’s level and don’t invite your dog to get up to your level.

The more you get down on the ground and bring yourself to your dog’s level the more you are inviting your dog to challenge your alpha position.

It’s fine to get on your knees once in a while to give love to your dog, but when you’re trying to establish who’s the alpha in the house you need to remember that standing up straight and standing above them is what’s going to let your dog know who’s in charge.

pitbull dog training concept

7. Crate train your dog

This is one of the greatest tools to use when teaching your dog who’s alpha.

Once your dog is crate trained they’ll basically have their own little area of the house that they call their home.

You’ll be able to implement that crate to issue timeouts.

If your dog does something bad or naughty, you can always use the crate to show your dog that he needs to chill out and relax a bit.

This way he will learn how to relax and calm his mind.

So the dog now will have his own territory in the house, and once you establish that this territory is the crate you control as the alpha will help them understand the ground rules.

In conclusion

People who get success the fastest with their dogs are the ones who can overcome unusual training challenges along the way.

These people really understand how to be great leaders for their dogs.

You don’t have to train your dog all day every day to succeed, but consistency is the hey.

Implement all of these things in your day-to-day life with your dog and you will see how fas you can gain your dog’s respect.