7 Great jobs to do if you love dogs

When I was in school I was constantly thinking about what I’m going to do when I graduate or where I will be going to college. In the end I was thinking where I will end up working and how it will be. Nevertheless, the only thing that interested me were dogs. Since a very young age I loved animals and, especially dogs, so I started to think about how could I use it to my advantage.

There are so many dogs and dog owners out there who love their four-legged friend so much that they pay a lot of money to fulfill their dog needs. There are different kinds of jobs that are related to dogs – you just have to choose.

So here are 7 awesome jobs for a dog lovers.

Dog walker

What can be more fun and useful than dog walking? You get to spend a lot of time with dogs, each dog has to go out for about a 30-minute walk and at least twice a day. If you have a lot of clients then your day could be full of walks with fluffy companions that you love so much.

One more great benefit is that you will get fit and will stay in shape as long as you have this job. Walking is great not only for daily exercise but also helps for your mental health. It gives you the necessary breathing that helps with anxiety and releases stress. So it’s a win-win situation.

But don’t get too attached to the little fluffers, there’s a possibility that this walk is just a one-time thing for this doggo, so if you get too attached to him on your first date, you might be broken-hearted at the end.

But on a much happier note, it’s a great way to meet new people who might have the same interests as you and of course, they would love dogs ☺

Here are some companies that you can apply as a dog walker:

Pet sitting

It is very similar to the dog walking but not only you would have to walk the dog, but you would also have to spend your whole day or few days babysitting the owners little baby while they are at the job or on a vacation.

If you already own a dog you know what that means. Going for walks, feeding, playing, training, and so on. Some dogs even have their own schedule that owners will insist on following.

If you don’t own a dog then it’s a great way how to learn what that means to have him in your everyday life. 

It’s a great job for dog lovers, you are helping the owner out and you are taking care of someone who need you.

More information about dog sitting before starting such a career:

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Dog groomer

This job is great for those who love to take care of visual looks – hair, nails, ears, and so on. For this job you will need to have a license as you will have to be qualified.

You can work in a pet center, at the vet clinic that offers this kind of service, pet shop, there are also companies that offer these kinds of services at home, you just have to look for options.

If you are self-employed then you can start your own grooming business and open your own salon to take care of animals you want to.

There is a way how you can practice and even understand if this job is for you, just get the dog groomer starter kit and practice grooming at home. At first you can practice with your dog then start to ask for your family and friend dogs, if they agree to participate in your learning journey then it’s a green light for you. Just practice, practice, and once more practice.

Here is a company that offers the service at home:

Rover – https://www.rover.com/grooming/

Additional information about grooming:

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As much as I love animals I wouldn’t recommend this job for every pet lover. There is much more to this job than just love for animals. Every day you must be in your best shape physically and mentally. This job is for the ones who can deal with a lot of stress on a daily bases and can think clearly under a lot of pressure.

Not to mention that you have to dedicate yourself to school, putting aside everything else like your family and friends, different entertainment, and parties, so you could give your all to the learning process. Of course, if you have the strength to combine it all then be my guest, and live your life to the fullest, but remember that after graduating you will have to save lives and help them so your knowledge has to be great.

The best part of the job is that you can spend a lot of time with different kind of animals and help them to live a better life, but remember that the majority of the animals that visit the clinic is not healthy and have health problems that you have to see every day.

Here are some information you may want to read before applying for a vet school:

Dog clothes designer

If you have a designer spark in you then you should try your hand in a dog clothing business. Not every dog owner accepts dog clothes as a necessity for their dog, but there are dog breeds that need that warm coat so he wouldn’t freeze in a cold. And for long-haired pups, there are clothes that keep them cleaner, for example, on a rainy day.

And of course, there are people that buy clothes just for fun, so you can please all kinds of needs. These are the clothes that are simply for fashion without other functionalities.

There are a lot of options you can choose from, as there are a lot of accessories that people use on a daily bases and so on.

Here are some options you can try at home:

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Zoo shop

In my point of view the easiest way how you can be closer to dogs and other animals, in general, is being a part of the pet supply store. You can work as a salesman or you can own a shop yourself.

Every dog owner wants the best for their dog, here is a way how you can help them and provide great value. There are many great manufacturers, you just have to help the owner to decide what can be the best for their pup.

Nevertheless, there are different types of zoo shops, the ones who only have products, shops that also have pets which you can see and choose and of course online shops. There are a lot of great online shops that also provide cool pet supply subscription boxes like Dapper Box.

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Dog trainer

This job is the most responsible for the way how the dog is behaving and it’s really rewarding when you see the progress with your fluffy student. A lot of people can’t deal with their dogs alone and they shouldn’t. They are searching for the best help they can get and you can be that help.

If you want to be a dog trainer you have to be strong in your beliefs what you’re teaching to your students and their owners. Of course you have to have knowledge of dog behavior and ways to achieve the result that you want.

You can start by teaching your dog at home or together with a professional, so you get the idea of how hard or easy it is for you to teach something to a dog. When you have understood the basics you can try to become a licensed dog trainer. But remember that you have to give it all to help the owner to teach his dog to behave in a matter they want because they are counting on you.

Here are more info how to become a dog trainer:

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Did you have a dream to be a veterinarian or a dog groomer when you were little? Did you fulfilled your dream or not? Or are you looking for a job with dogs, because you can’t live without them? Let me know in the comments below.

As always stay safe and talk to you soon.