Are you sometimes bored? What do you do? When we are bored we usually watch Netflix or surf on social media. One thing that I have noticed, and you will probably agree with me is that our doggos are completely different. They also get bored and if you don’t pay close attention they might get frustrated. Once that happens you will notice that they will come up to with a “signature move”. Our Frenchie always barks at us until we give in as she never gives up. All she wants is to play as there is no Netflix for dogs even though that would be really cool.

Although you might have a really busy schedule, remember that our fluffy family members need to have an active lifestyle. A lot of people forget that they need mental stimulation as well.

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay


  • Training their mind,
  • Problem-solving exercises,
  • Make everything interesting,
  • Fun activities, get them excited

I have seen a lot of games but these are the ones which work perfectly for us and hopefully for You as well.  All we want is for our dog to be healthy and happy. 🙂


All you need is some treats. Usually we take small pieces of cheese. afterward, you have to decide in which room you will hide them. In the beginning try to hide in them in really visible places so the dog would understand that he needs to find them. Later on once he is already familiar with the game try to notch it up a bit and hide in some difficult spots. If the little one is struggling or thinking that there are no more treats try to motivate him with some phrases like “where is the treat?”, “keep looking” and so on. If words are not enough then help him out by showing approximate spot. It will indicate that the game is not over and he will keep going. Remember that it’s not a race, the important thing is that your dog gets the exercise and you have a little fun together.


A bit similar game to the previous one, but in this one the goal is to unfold the towel in order to get the treat. You just need to put the treat in the middle of the towel and roll it up. They will use their front legs and mouth to unfold it.


This one is really fun but it took a while until we got our Frenchie to sit still and learn how to play. All you need is cups. You can decide on the number but I would suggest going with 3 in the beginning. Line these cups in one row and put under one of them a treat. Then ask your dog to show under which cup is the treat. Afterward once the dog is aware he needs to indicate where is the treat try mixing them up. Later on you can add more cups to make it more challenging. 


I am pretty sure most of us have played it when we were kids. Now it’s time to teach it to your doggo. All you have to do it is to hide somewhere so your dog doesn’t know where you are. Simple, right? Well, dogs are always watching you so good luck getting away from him unnoticed. I usually sneak to another room and then call her. As she hears my voice she will run over but the room will be empty – let the game begin!


Good old “spin the bottle” game but it will be a little bit different than what You remember. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a craftsman to make it. All you need is a bottle and a stick. At first, you need to cut two holes in the bottle’s middle part. Each of them needs to be on the opposite side. Then put the stick through them and here you go. Not that hard, right? Choose a bottle size that would be comfortable for your pup to play with. Usually I recommend the closer interaction to hold the stick by yourself. Nevertheless, you can make a stand or tied it up at a suitable height. When that’s done put a few treats inside the bottle and spin it, show your dog how the system works at the beginning.


If you have a lot of tennis balls at home then this game is for you. You will need also a muffin tin. To play this game you will need to be more proactive. Place treats under each muffin cup and then cover it with tennis balls. Your dog will need to find where is the hidden treat in order to get his hands on it so. It’s a really rewarding game. He might need some time to understand how to play this game but give him a few minutes and he will show You how it’s done. 

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

These are our favorite games but I know they are way more. Let us know Your favorite game that you love to play with your doggo

Thank you