Everything you need to know about French bulldogs

French bulldogs are an amazing breed. Everyone knows how cute they are with their little bat ears, smiley faces and cute wrinkles. Getting a dog is not an easy decision because with it comes a great responsibility. Nevertheless, it was one of the best decisions of my life. Here are a few things you need to know before getting a French bulldog.

They will love you to the moon and back

You might have heard about it but they are super affectionate. Be prepared that they will want You to be around a lot and by a “lot” I mean like 24/7. Of course there are few exceptions like our Frenchie but most of them will want to lick you to death. Putting jokes aside you might have a question what to do in case you have to go to the job, etc. The answer is quite simple – they will get used to it. Like any other dog they can stay at home easily. In the beginning, I thought it’s gonna be super hard so I bought a dog cam but then realized that she is sleeping all day until I’m back from work. The bottom line is that they are like little babies. You will have to give them your attention, time and love but they can be independent for a specific amount of time each day.

Training, training and once more training

Don’t make the same mistake as we did. We taught her some basic commands like sit, down, turn and few more. What happened was that due to the lack of training she became super spoiled and there is no authority between us. Even if I raise my voice she just doesn’t care. Frenchies overall are very stubborn so be sure you are going to a dog school or doing proper online training to avoid issues later on. 

The toughest challenge will be when you are going outside. As any dog owner you will want the perfect case scenario where your dog is walking next to You without a leash. In most cases due to the lack of training it’s nearly impossible because they will run after the first thing they get their eyes on and once they are in that over-excited state they won’t hear you. 

The good thing is that they are little food junkies. So the overall training process is easier than for other dogs because they will do anything for food.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Set ground rules

Frenchies are smart and at the same time they are little manipulators. They will observe how you react in different scenarios in order to, later on, remember that and use it to their advantage. Whenever you decide on something don’t back out from it. Let me tell you a story so you would get an overall idea what I meant by that. My Frenchie knows that she is not allowed to pee or poop inside the apartment as that’s my ground rule. Usually she goes to the door and scratches it which is a signal that we have to go outside. There have been cases that I have ignored it due to certain circumstances but no excuses from my side. Afterward she pooped inside, of course, it was my fault but she observed the situation and realized that I was not mad. The next day she did it again without even scratching the door. The bottom line is to stay committed to your rules.


Dog costumes are funny and great but Frenchies look so amazing in them that you will end up buying a new closet where to keep their outfits.

Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

Full of energy

I love how much energy they have. They are always so happy and cheerful which is amazing because if you are having a bad day these little cuties will help you get through it. Dedicate some of your time to play with your doggo on a daily basis to create an even deeper bond and connection. Whenever you go outside don’t feel ashamed if you get tired faster than your Frenchie. There is a myth that they are kind of slow and not active dogs. Well, forget that statement because they are exploring machines. Their stamina is great and in some cases you might even take them for a run.

Not a Michael Phelps

Unfortunately, they are not the best swimmers but again there are always exceptions. We purchased a life jacket and she loves it. Always joining me for a swim and SUP board rides. So my suggestion is to double-check and see if your Frenchie likes it.

Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

Keep them clean 

Who doesn’t love those cute, little wrinkles and small bat ears? Everyone loves them but be sure to clean them so it wouldn’t be full of moisture and bacteria. Also keep an eye on their nails as you will need to clip them. When showering try to avoid the water from getting into the ears. 

Be healthy!

As you might know French bulldogs originate from England not France and were created to be a toy-size version of the bulldogs. As they are a crossbreed from Toy Bulldogs and ratters they are quite allergic and might have health issues. Therefore I would highly suggest purchasing a Frenchie from a well-known breeder with access to their lineage data. 

Nowadays people are breeding French bulldogs illegally and people are buying them because the price is significantly lower but they forget that might end up spending thousands, later on, to make sure their little ones will have a proper life.

One thing you need to be aware is that they love to eat therefore you need to make sure they do not become overweight. 

Little fart bombs

One of their funniest and notable traits is that they fart a lot. Of course they are not the only breed who is known for that. The same we could say about boxers or pugs. 

Basically it’s due to their anatomy as they have sensitive stomachs and do not digest their food that fast. 

Photo by For Chen on Unsplash

The bottom line is that they are amazing and it’s not a huge surprise that they are one of the most loved dog breeds across the globe.

They are lovely, happy, loyal and affectionate. 

This was just a brief summary but there are way more amazing things about them.

If you want to know what is an unconditional love then you have to meet a French bulldog.

Stay safe