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9 Ways How To Show Your Dog You Love Them In Their Language

Loving your dog

We all love our dogs, but do we know how to show that we love them?

Clearly, we all want the best for our dogs.

Showing them our love is one of the greatest things we can do.

Have you ever thought about it? Do you ever think, does my dog knows that I love him?

If you love your dog, he clearly knows that you do. But if you want to be 100% sure that he knows that, try these 9 ways to tell your dog you love them.

9 Ways How To Show Your Dog You Love Them In Their Language
Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

1. Hand Feed Your Dog

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels

This one of the easiest ways how to show your dog the love.

It’s also a great way to bond more with your dog.

I use hand feeding whenever I can. Usually, I practice easy, useful commands that we use in everyday life.

Another great way of hand-feeding is to walk and practice heel along the way. Of course, I let my dog pee and poop whenever she needs but it’s usually at the beginning of the walk, and then we continue with the heel.

This works the best when a meal is around the same time when the potty walk is planned.

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2. Go For A Longer Walk

Photo by Dariusz Grosa from Pexels

And who wouldn’t love that?

Grab your dog’s favorite toy and head to a safe place, where you and your dog can enjoy a relaxing walk just the two of you.

If you haven’t got a place near you, where there are no other dogs or humans around choose more distant paths, so your dog can focus on you instead of the environment.

Another great way how to enjoy long walks is to practice the mentioned heel. It might not sound as fun as playing with his favorite toy, but, believe me, it helps your dog to relax and to be in a calm state of mind.

Dogs help you exercise and reduces stress and anxiety. Only 10 min of walking can improve your wellbeing, it increases your mental alertness and your happiness.

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3. Rub His Belly

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One great trick to give your dog love is to rub the belly.

Belly is one of the intimate places on your dog’s body. If he shows his belly to you, he’s all yours.

If your dog is on his back and looking at you it’s his way of saying – I want your love, pet me please.

So, give your dog a nice belly rub whenever you can or whenever he wants it, and you can be sure that your dog will truly appreciate this declaration of love.

4. Rub His Ears

Another sensitive par of a dog’s body is their ears.

The most satisfying thing for a dog is to scratch his ear. Even when there is no irritation around the ears it’s a pleasant feeling to scratch them.

When you have the opportunity to massage your dog’s ears, do it!

He will love it no matter what.

Ears consist of many nerve endings and when they get activated, they release endorphins throughout the dog’s body.

The best way to do it is to grab the ear by the base, where the ear cartilage is, and massage the ear by gently squeezing and moving the cartilage with circular motions.

Your dog will love it!

Photo by Alice Castro from Pexels

5. Play With Him

Play time is the greatest joy in their lives.

This is how they communicate and how they get their excess energy out of their system.

So, when you play with your dog, it’s the happiest time of their lives. It’s a great way how to bond more with your dog because if they enjoy playing with you, for them you become the most interesting thing in the universe.

Don’t hold back when it comes to playing.

Be creative.

Dogs can get bored pretty quickly if the game is played too often or it’s just not that interesting for them. But keep the playtime fun and interesting.

You can make your own DIY games for your dog or use treats to increase the value of the play time.

6. Be Your Dog’s Advocate

Many dog owners don’t know that, but being your dog’s advocate can make your dog’s life much happier and easier.

You have to know your dog.

Is he happy to meet other dogs or he’s very anxious about these meet-ups. Is he happy to meet other people or he gets nervous when he has to interact with them?

As owner, you have to know these things to save your dog from unnecessary stress.

If you can avoid these things from happening your dog will be much happier and healthier. After you have managed to understand what makes him anxious, you can ease his stress by slowly adjusting to these triggers.

Here is a great vidoe on how to advocate your dog.

7. Train Your Dog

There is nothing greater than showing your dog that you care for them.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

You can show your dog that you truly care for him by showing him what to do.

Nothing makes dog more anxious and stressed than doing nothing and making his own decisions.

Dogs thrive due to structure and learning.

When you guide him and have the structure your dog can be more relaxed and calm because he doesn’t need to be the leader of the tribe or care for others in the house (that’s what they often think and tend to be aggressive against other people because they are protecting their house and family).

When in training he gets the most valuable things in his life – food, treats, and playtime.

They love it!

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8. Talk To Your Dog

This may seem a little strange.

We’re used to the fact that dogs can’t understand human language.

BUT, there’s a big difference between explaining to your dog what he did wrong or just paying attention to your dog.

Talk to them as they will love the attention you’re showing.

You can talk to your dog about your day, weather, or anything that’s bothering you, your dog will be the listener you have always wanted. He won’t understand much, but he will be happy as your full attention will be focused on him.

So, talk to your dog, let him be your best friend, and pay your full attention to him.

9. Give Some Treats

It’s healthy for your relationship with your dog to give treats from time to time.

Giving your dog an occasional treats can make your bond even stronger.

Keep your dog structured, but give him a treat when he’s not expecting it can make his day a lot brighter.

He will appreciate these little things.

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels