5 Tips To DOG PROOF your Christmas Tree

The Christmas time is finally here. Are you as excited as we are?

It’s that time of the year when you can decorate your house with festive lights, ornaments, candles, and don’t forget about the Christmas tree. 

I bet your pet is already into the Christmas feels when he sees the magical, sparkling tree that suddenly appeared in your living room. Who wouldn’t be excited seeing everything so shiny and bright?

I remember our first Christmas with Vivi. She was super excited, but she also had a cone on her head, because of the cherry eye. Whenever she got closer to the tree, our hearts skipped a beat. Of course, she wanted to check everything out, because it was something new, but it is not quite practical to catch a falling tree every 10 minutes.

Here are some suggestions and tips I’ve learned from all the previous years.

1. Get a smaller tree

I know it’s not a great solution if you’re used to having big and festive Christmas trees. You might skip this one, but it’s worth considering it.

If you have a little rascal in the house, you could change a few things in the house. Just like for babies you would hide or put down things that may potentially be harmful or they could possibly swallow them. With puppies, it’s the same story.

If you’re not ready to reorganize things in the room where is the Christmas tree then having a small one that you can put on a table or some kind of elevation would solve the problem immediately.

Having a tree elevated on something would not change anything for you. It would be at the same height as usual, but much safer for the little four-legged friend running around the house.

2. Cut off the lower branches

As strange as it sounds it might be a solution for you.

You can use your creative mind on this one. It would probably look weird, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Use the same decorations to make it look pretty. You can use a string of lights to put around the tree leg to make it look cool. Use your imagination to work around the lower part of the tree.

3. Secure the Christmas tree on a stable surface

Again, use your imagination on this one. You can turn defect into effect in no time.

You can secure the tree using an eyebolt, or a molly hook, together with a strong fishing wire. Just use the same fairy lights to put around them and make it look like a Christmas carousel.

With this technique, a dog won’t be able to tip the tree over, and you won’t need to worry about it.

4. Use the pet gate or a small fence to keep them away

Setting up a dog gate in the doorway can protect you from all the problems you can get by having a Christmas tree in the house. Keep the dog in a separate room, so he can’t even get to the tree by himself.

You can also use a fence around the tree and make it look like a place in the Christmas market. Use your Christmas decorations to make it a part of the whole new look.

For example, wrap the fence in a wrapping paper. 

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5. Close supervision of the dog

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your dog unsupervised with the tree. Unless your dog is used to having a tree in the house.

Teach your dog to stay away from the tree. Whenever he approaches the tree, say “NO”, and award him after coming to you with a treat. Let him know that it is a no go for him. It will take some time, but eventually, he will understand that he cannot go and do whatever he wants.

When leaving the house, put your dog into his crate. 

Here are some creative and funny ways people use To Protect Their Christmas Trees!

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