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5 Easy Ways How To Take Care Of Your Dog during The Winter

5 ways how to take care of your dog in winter

Taking care of your dog during the winter is very important thing.

And hey, maybe you know that your dog needs a warm jacket when the weather gets colder; but you’re not sure why your dog has started to lick his paws more often, or the paws have red spots on them since the snow appeared.

Here’s the deal:

It’s important to make sure your dog is feeling warm, but in a lot of cases, we forget about his paws, nose, and other parts that may need more attention.

By paying more attention to these things it may help with your dog’s health and overall well-being. These daily small, but important steps could help you to take care of your dog a lot better when the weather gets cold and the streets are full of salt and chemicals that can cause a lot of trouble for the paws.

Want to know what these steps are? Then buckle up and let’s begin. By the way, the best part is that they don’t take much time for you to do them.

1. Be sure your dog is warm

Not every dog breeds have thick fur around them. Some dog breeds don’t have hair at all, like the American Hairless Terrier, Xoloitzcuintli, and so on.

Dog hair has several functions and keeping the dog warm is one of them.

HERE are more information about the dog hair.

If your dog has a lot of hair, you have nothing to worry about, except cleaning the fur after the walk.

But if your dog has no hair, or he has a tiny layer of them, you might have to start thinking about getting your dog a suitable dog jacket.

Here are some dog jackets that we love. From everyday dog vests to a warm duvet coat for a proper snow day.

Let’s keep our four legged friends warm.

2. Wear dog boots

I know..

It’s not a comfortable thing to wear for your pet. BUT, they save us a lot of headaches and frustration. Caring for your dog’s health in the winter can’t always be comfy.

As the weather gets colder, the streets and sidewalks are getting more slippery.

We all know that the salt and UNKNOWN chemicals which roads are treated with in the winter are not good for your dog’s paws.

And the best thing to do is to protect them whit a layer of fabric.

Take a good look at these little booties for your dog. Remember to check the right size for your dog so you don’t lose them on your first walk as my dog did.

3. Wash your dog’s paws

If you’re strictly against dog boots, or your dog just can’t get the hang of the whole dog boot thing, then be sure to clean his paws after every walk outside the house.

After coming home from a potty walk or a long evening stroll, check your dog’s paws.

Don’t let them be.

Dog paw pads has a long healing process, because of the weight and the constant motion.

So don’t be afraid to check them more than is needed. We don’t want our babies to suffer.

If you’re washing the paws with a dog shampoo, be sure to use a soft and natural shampoo to not dry the paw pads even more.

4. Moisture your dog’s paws

Have you noticed that your dog paw pads are cracked or looking dry?

Treat your dog’s paws with natural soothing ingredients like shea butter, oatmeal, coconut oil, and aloe vera that help them heal and moisturized.

Water is a great cleaner for all dirty things, but it also rinses all the natural good oils away from the body.

If we’re washing the paws more often, then we also have to moister them more often.

Here’s a product that you will love.

5. Apply wax on their paws

But what to do if you want to protect your dog paws without the boots? Use wax.

It’s a great alternative to boots, but of course it doesn’t protect them as much as boots would do.

Apply a thin layer of the wax on the paws 2 – 3 times a week. You can also use it all year around.

The wax soothes conditions and relieves dry and cracked pads. It also protects the pads from the harsh conditions around them.

Image by Tonda Tran from Pixabay 

In conclusion

Be aware of the fact that it’s freezing outside.

There’s a lot of snow and ice on the ground. To melt the ice humans use such things as salt and chemicals.

Our dog paws are unprotected when they go out for a walk. 

We as their owners can help them be much healthier and we can help them to avoid getting hurt because of the weather.

So let your dog have the best winter experience without him getting hurt.

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