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Cherry Eye for Dogs: What Actually It Is? Best Treatment and Affordable Home Remedies For Your Dog

This is a story about our experience when our dog had a cherry eye and how we dealt with it.  It’s not cool to see your own dog dealing with these kind of things, but it’s better to be ready than clueless when unexpected happens.  We have a French Bulldog girl named Vivi, she is very energetic and fun. She is with us for almost 4 years, and her every day is filled with walks, games, and,

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Dog training

An Easy Puppy Training Schedule Focusing On 8-16 Week Old Dogs

Having a puppy training schedule can save your life and nerves. Trust me. If you have a new puppy or planning on having one the beginning of this journey and this new responsibility can be quite challenging. I remember our first week and even month of having our dog Vivi. At first, we thought that

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